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Bratislava - Slovakia

The capital of Slovakia is a fairly small city, however I was very surprised by how busy the traffic was surrounding the city. It doesn't take to long to explore the small city, and although I considered it to be charming, there was nothing amazing that stood out here for me. My main memory of Bratislava was the amount of unique and quirky statues scattered around the old town.

What to see

Old Town

Like many Eastern European cities, Bratislava has an old town, not dissimilar to most. The historic centre is home to various quirky statues, churches, alleyways and large gates to pass through. There are also some small but wonderful bars and restaurants where you can try the local cuisine. The main square is quite small but it's here you'll find the Old Town Hall, Roland Fountain and many cafes and souvenir shops.


The UFO is an observation deck with a swanky bar and restaurant, shaped like..... you guessed it, a UFO. I tried to book a table at the restaurant but unfortunately they were fully booked. So my advice would be to book ahead of time. There are apparently some fantastic views of the city from here, but I could only admire the UFO from afar.

It seems like quite an odd structure set against the olde worle feel of the city. But it looks amazing when it's lit up at night.

Čumil (Man at Work)

Čumil is a sewage worker who is apparently resting. Or is he trying to look up girls skirts? Who knows? It's quite an odd statue, and I'm not sure he actually signifies anything. Strangely enough, when I think back to Bratislava, the statue of Čumil is what stands out in my mind. It's a fun quirky statue to check out and I'm sure more information would be revealed on a free walking tour of the city, which I always encourage, especially in smaller cities!

Bratislava Castle

I found it a little confusing as to how to get from the Old Town to the castle, as there were many alleyways and walkways over a main roads to get here, but they were not clearly marked as to where they led. You can enter the castle itself for around 10 euros. It's now a museum of the history of Bratislava. If you don't want to pay the entrance fee, there's quite a vast area around the castle to explore free of charge, with some great views of the city. I was more than happy to walk around the exterior and admire the views.

Blue Church

There are many churches in Bratislava, but the blue church stood out the most for me, I guess because it was blue. It reminded me of an image from a children's picture book or cartoon. Otherwise known as the Church of St Elizabeth, it's a catholic church just to the east of Bratislava Old Town. If you choose to see the inside, you'll notice that the interior is also decorated with shades of blue.

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