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Brussels - Belgium

Brussels seemed a lot smaller than I had imagined, and it was quite an easy city to walk around. I didn't feel that there was a great amount to see here, but I was sure to pick up a Belgian waffle and to try a good amount of beer.

What to see in Brussels

Manneken Pis

Possibly the most famous landmark in Brussels. The "Little Pissing Man" can be found five minutes walk away from Grand Place.

Quite often the statue can be seen wearing a costume, which changes regularly.

It appears that the people of Brussels have a love for pissing statues, as there is also a statue of a pissing dog "Zinneke Pis" and a little girl "Jeanneke Pis" which can all be found in the city centre.

Grand Place

The main Square of the city. There are several elegant Gothic style buildings here. During the winter time you'll find several Christmas markets set up around the square.

There are several restaurants and museums surrounding the square, and as always the restaurants here will be a lot more pricey than elsewhere in the city.

The Atomium

Built in the late 50's it doesn't seem as if this attraction has had much of a revamp for quite some time. I actually remember Timmy Mallett coming here during the earl 90's, and I think the interior is pretty much the same thirty years later.

It's still an interesting experience though. I found it somewhat strange, and I wasn't too sure why there were so many strange flashing lights, but I've never been anywhere like it since.

Still, as I mentioned earlier, I think this attraction is in desperate need of a revamp.

Delirium Café

Belgium is know for it's beer, and this place is one of the best places for beer in Belgium. They serve more than 2000 types of beer from all over the world, and have several different rooms to explore as you drink. I spent the whole evening in here, and thankfully somehow made it back to my hotel.

They also sell pink elephant toys and hats in reference to the scene in Dumbo.

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