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I visited Malta during spring time with my friend Trig for a long weekend. This of course meant that my normal fast pace sight seeing would be slowed down so that he also enjoyed himself. Unfortunately the weather was wet and rainy for a lot of the weekend, so it prevented us from visiting a lot of the sights we had in mind.

We were warned against visiting Popeye's Village, and we had neither the time or intention of doing so. However places such as Gozo and Mdina were off the table due to the weather, much to my disappointment. I believe these places would have been the best parts of Malta to see, so I'm sad to have missed them. We still had a good time, although it wasn't such an adventurous trip for myself.

We also ended up having a few late but fun nights which impacted getting up early to make the most out of the days.

As a result of all of this there's not a great amount I can write about Malta's sights from personal experience. There's definitely a lot to do in Malta, and getting around by bus is a fairly cheap and easy mode of transport to get to most of them.


The capital city of Malta is still only small like Malta's many other towns and cities. We visited during the poor weather, so we didn't really get to see it in all it's glory.

As you enter the city you'll see the beautiful Triton Fountain before passing through the grand city gate.

There are lots of sights to see in the capital such as both the Upper Barrakka Gardens and the lower Barrakka Gardens, the Upper Barrakka Gardens being more stunning and worthwhile in my opinion. There are several beautiful churches and cathedrals which adorn the city and can be admired from both inside and out. There is the Siege Bell War Memorial, which is in the same area as the fortifications of Valletta and Fort St Elmo. It's here you'll get some great views of Breakwater Bridge, St Elmo Lighthouse and Fort Ricasoli.

My favourite part about the city was exploring the steep and narrow streets, but given the chance to visit Malta again, I'd definitely head towards more natural sights in the country.

Golden Bay Horse Riding

From research there are some horse riding companies in Malta that do not treat their animals well. Golden Bay appears to have been an ethical Riding School, so we opted to try it out.

A recent ambition of mine had been to ride a horse, so I thought, why not do it in a beautiful setting?

The area of Golden Bay is actually quite beautiful, so even if you're not here for the horse riding, I suggest a visit to the beach and coastal area here.

The horse riding itself was fun. It didn't take a lot to convince Trig to take part as he was trying to impress a girl back home who had a love for horses.

My horse was called Munchie as he was well known for eating everything, which I noticed every time we passed some flowers on the trek.

We rode along the coast, seeing many fields, ruins and cliffs. They also offer a sunset trek which I believe would be even more beautiful.

If you've never ridden a horse before like I hadn't, don't worry. The staff will make sure you're safe and comfortable on the horse, and will teach you how to control it. If you're not confident controlling the horse yourself, a guide will walk with it.

St Julian's

This was the area in which we stayed. It's a small seaside town with a few small beaches such as Ballutta Bay. It's a good location to stay if you enjoy nightlife, with lots of options for restaurants and plenty of bars and clubs, especially around the area of Paceville.

It's a nice picturesque area, but then again I think most parts of Malta are. Along with Valletta it's not such a bad place to set up base, as it's easy to travel to other parts of the island from here.

Russian Karaoke Bar

This is the bar we spent quite a bit of time in. It may not appeal to the majority of English speaking tourists, but if you want to try somewhere a little different, why not pop in for a drink?

It's a karaoke bar which has thousands of English language songs, but thousands of Russian songs too! There are quite a few Russian speakers here, but some English speaking tourists. Although there are many English songs, later on in the evening the majority of songs tend to be Russian.

I was of course very happy to sing in both languages, much to the horror of my fellow traveller Trig.

Duck Village

One of the lesser known tourist attractions is a duck village. There are many little houses made for ducks to live in, but it was far from being Duckville. I saw one duck, a few pigeons and some geese. But what was somewhat disturbing was the presence of several cats invading the village. There is a nearby cat village, but it seems as though they are beginning to invade the duck village. The cats could explain the lack of ducks I encountered here. Let us hope the ducks form a resistance against the invading cats!

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