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Oslo - Norway

Updated: May 6, 2020

The capital of Norway. I consider Norway to be one of my countries. Oslo is a beautiful clean city, but I feel that if you're visiting Norway, you have to get out of the cities and into nature to see the real beauty. Still, Oslo is a beautiful city in itself. I was meant to get the Bergensbanen from Bergen to Oslo, which is said to be one of the worlds most beautiful train journeys. However due to a drunken session the night before, I overslept and missed my train. After frantically running around Bergen to find a way to Oslo, (a taxi would have cost around £800), I was able to get to the airport and catch a flight which only cost me around £200.

What to see

Oslo Opera House

Probably the most famous landmark in Oslo is the opera house. Inspired by glaciers, the great thing about this building is that you can walk up it. There are various slanting angles so you can walk right up to the roof and back down again. Chained in the water nearby is a sculpture called "She Lies" which moves around the water depending on the tide and wind.

Viking Ship Museum

Located on museum island you'll find as the name suggests many different museums. One of the most popular being the Viking Ship Museum. It houses three viking burial ships, one of which, the "Oseberg Ship" is completely whole. There are many other displays here which include various viking artifacts, from tools to furniture.

The Scream

Located in the National Gallery is the famous painting be Edvard Munch "The Scream". There are thousands of other art works at the gallery, in particular works by Theodor Kittelsen depicting trolls and other creatures, which I really loved! However "The Scream" is the most popular painting and you may have to queue to get a good look or a photo. Feel free to pose next to it doing your own screaming expression. Hopefully you won't get as many confused looks from passers by as I did.

The Royal Palace

As with most cities I visit, I don't tend to visit inside the palaces, I'm happy to just observe the architecture. If you're into palaces, then it's probably worth the entrance fee, but for me I was content with only seeing the outside. The palace is found at the end of Karl Johans gate (one of the most popular streets in the city, filled with shops and restaurants). It's surrounded by the Palace Park which is a pleasant place to stroll through to escape the crowds.

Vigeland Statue Park

A little out of the centre, but easily reached via the metro is The Vigeland Statue Park which sits in Frognerparken. There are numerous surreal and obscure statues created by Gustav Vigeland. Even if you're not into such types of artwork usually, I still suggest visiting. Two particular statues which stood out for me were "Man Attacked by Babies" and "The Angry Boy" which it's said brings good luck if you touch his hand.

City Hall

Part of Oslo which I don't think gets enough credit is the City Hall. The inside is quite a spectacle, filled with ornate rooms and beautiful art work painted on the walls. If you get the chance, then you should definitely explore the interior. Though for me, it's the outside that I fell in love with. I'm a huge fan of Norse mythology, so the 18 carved and painted murals displaying various scenes from the myths was of real interest to me. If you're not familiar with the mythology, then I still recommend seeing these as there are informative plaques explaining which each mural represents.

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