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Outside of Riga

Although Latvia is a small country, there is still a lot to explore outside the capital city of Riga.


Jurmala is a small coastal town in Latvia. It's only about a 25 minute drive from Riga if you're hiring a vehicle, or you can go via train to Majori station which takes about 30 minutes. During the summer this is a lovely if not somewhat crowded beach. During the colder seasons the area is obviously a lot less crowded, but no less beautiful, and it's great for watching the sun set even on a clear winters day.


Sigulda is especially beautiful during the Autumn due to all the golden leaves on the trees during this time. I would suggest visiting during the warmer months, as this is when there is a lot more to do here.

There are castles and caves to explore, a bobsleigh track, zip-line and "Tarzan's Adventure Park" which is a little like "Go Ape" in the UK.

The Abandoned Plane

Not too far from Riga International Airport, in the old aerodrome at Skulte is an abandoned plane. It's now covered in graffiti and all of the interior has been removed, but it's still fun to climb up onto the wings and then explore the inside.

Abandoned Bobsleigh Track

Locally known as "Vecā kamaniņu trase"

Ķemeri National Park

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