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San Marino

The fifth smallest country in the world, this micro-nation is actually found inside of Italy. It's a mountainous country, and it's capital also San Marino is situated on the slopes of Monte Titano. It won't take you long to walk around the capital, but it's a beautiful little city with beautiful views.

It's biggest attractions are the three towers located on the three peaks of Monte Titano.

Although I enjoyed me time in San Marino, I don't suggest more than a day or two to explore, but would certainly suggest visiting.


The first tower, and the oldest, built in the 11th century. This was the only tower I entered, and it was quite interesting. At one time it was used as a prison and there's quite a bit of information about it's past.

Be warned though, there are some very steep steps and ladders the high you venture, and if you're scared of heights, I don't suggest going to high up. If you like a view though, definitely head up as high as you can!


The second tower, located on the highest peak. It's now the museum of Archaic Arms, and houses thousands of medieval weaponry. I didn't enter the museum, but I cut through the grounds of this tower. I think this was the prettiest of the three, when walking through the grounds but even more so from a distance, sitting perilously on the highest peak!


The third tower. The only town not open to the public, and the smallest. This really is just a tower, and not much else. Once used as a prison, it's only door is located 7 meters above the ground. I guess that's why it's not open to the public.

What else to do?

Well, there's not an extensive list, but you can explore the main square where you'll find the beautiful The Palazzo Pubblico building and also get some brilliant view of the rest of San Marino and Italy. Or you could check out some of the churches or museums.

One good option for a souvenir is to have your passport stamped with a San Marino stamp at the tourist office for €5.

There are also many different shops you can browse, and you could even purchase a crossbow. Crossbows are important to San Marino due to the Crossbow Corps, the once proudest members of the San Marino military, now a ceremonial force.

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