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The second stop on my Christmas trip was Singapore. My time was very limited here, but I got to spend Christmas Eve morning in the Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool, which is something I will never forget!

The city was pretty and clean, but I didn't have the time to explore it fully. However I'm not too sure if there was much more to explore. Most of the attractions I visited were modern, but there are a few cultural and historical sights around the city. And usually it's more cultural sights I prefer to see. I like to learn about the culture of the country I'm in, and modern attractions don't always educate you on this. However that's not to say that the attractions I did see were not fun or interesting. There was a lot of modern beauty to Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay

A huge nature park and a major tourist attraction in Singapore.

The park is split into several sections, and can be visited at day or night. I'd say daytime is better if you want to admire the flora in all its glory, but at night when the park is lit up, it's a beautiful sight.

The Flower Dome is the largest greenhouse in the world. You'll find plants from all over the world split into various sections. Hidden amongst the plants and flowers are also statues, including a beautiful wooden dragon and scenes from Alice in Wonderland.

If you're into plants and flowers, you'll love this place! Plants are not really my forte, I don't know a great deal about them and in all honesty I'm not all that interested in them, so as beautiful as the Flower Dome was, it wasn't a huge turn on for me.

Visiting at Christmas time meant there were many Christmas exhibits added to the dome, including all sorts of festive Disney installations.

The Cloud Forest houses diverse vegetation more often found in higher regions of the world, all in the presence of a fine mist and a large central waterfall.

Although the Flower Dome wasn't really my scene, The Cloud Forest was breath taking! And on the subject of breath, just walking into here the air felt so good to breathe, it was as if I was back in Scandinavia.

You can walk up and along the cloud walk to the top of the waterfall, getting some great views of the conservatory from above.

For me, this place was the highlight of the gardens.

Supertree Grove consists of 12 supertrees, made from metal but with vegetation weaving throughout the structure. The metallic trees are huge! The tallest of which measures 16 storeys high!

You can take an elevator up to the treetop walk which links around the trees and gives you some great views of the park and Marina Bay.

Although pretty in the daytime, this is the part of the park which comes alive at night with various lights and sounds.

The supertrees can be seen at quite a distance from the park during the night too, and you'll get some magnificent views of the colour changing lights if you're staying at the Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay Sands

There's quite a lot to say about the Marina Bay Sands. It's one of the more expensive hotels in the city, but I decided to treat myself as it was Christmas, and the only way to use the famous Infinity Pool was to stay at the hotel.

Although it can be much cheaper at other times of the year, it cost me £400 to stay one night, but waking up on Christmas Eve here was a nice treat.

I was given beautiful views of Gardens by the Bay from my balcony, which was simply amazing at night!

The hotel itself has three towers housing 2,500 rooms and supporting a giant ship where the infinity pool can be found. Just make a note of which tower is which, as it's easy to get lost!

The infinity pool is one of the major attractions at the complex, and can only be used by guests at the hotel. I woke up before it got light on Christmas Eve to go for a quick dip, and it was awesome! Being in a rooftop pool overlooking the lit up city against the night sky and then watching the sun slowly rise was stunning!

It was fairly empty to begin, but as it got lighter more people began to arrive. I'd certainly recommend visiting the pool whilst still dark before sunrise, you could be lucky enough to have the pool to yourself and the views at this time are awesome!

The hotel complex is huge and offers so much more than the infinity pool, even for tourists who are not staying at the hotel. You will find an exhibition centre, shopping mall, museum, theatre, restaurants, bars, casino and two floating Crystal Pavilions. So if you're not staying here, I still suggest popping in for a look.

Clarke Quay

This is where I visited for nightlife. There are various nightlife spots in the city, but Clarke Quay looked like it suited my tastes.

There are several bars and restaurants here catering for all music tastes. I found a rock bar with a live band, but I struggled to find patrons to talk with, so I moved on to a few other bars.

Drink prices are quite high, but the area is very pretty and it's certainly a good vibe here.

I only stayed for a few beers before heading back to my hotel, as I wanted a very early start, but I'd love to come back here again for a proper night out!


For some reason I missed this statue, even though I am positive I passed the area where it's located.

The statue is the mascot of Singapore, a lion's head and the body of a fish.

The unique Merlion can be seen on advertising, branding and local sports teams, so there's a good chance you'll see the image in various places around the city.

The statue can be found in Marina Bay, although there are six other statues around the city, this is the most well known.

There's not much more to say other than it's a statue which spurts water from its mouth and nowadays has a smaller statue, a Merlion cub, nearby.

Kampong Glam

Singapore’s Muslim quarter. You'll find many shops, restaurants and a beautiful golden domed mosque here.

I was a little disappointed in all honesty. I found recommendations for his area online, where images show this place full of many bright colours. However, in reality it was not as bright and colourful as I was led to believe. I find there are many disappointments nowadays when it comes to filters used on travel photographs, especially on Instagram. However this was a destination where I was really quite surprised by the difference.

Little India

I had intended to visit Little India on my last morning in Singapore before rushing to the airport, but due to spending a long time in Gardens by the Bay, I simply didn't have enough time for it.

The area has temples, small alleyways and lots of bright colours whilst being filled by a bustling community.

There are said to be many good restaurants here and from pictures online it looks brighter and more colourful than Kampong Glam.

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