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Tallinn - Estonia

Tallinn is a little like a fairy tale city. The old town is similar in some respects to it's fellow Baltic capitals of Riga and Lithuania, but there's something a little more magical about the style of buildings here.

What to See in Tallinn

Old Town

This is where the majority of the beauty of Tallinn lies. It's easy to get lost exploring the small streets and alleyways. In Old Town is where you'll find all the beautiful churches such as St. Olafs and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. There are numerous unique church spires raised amongst the skyline.

You'll also find the Viru Gate and several castles and viewing platforms throughout the old city.

In the middle of the old city is the main square with the Town Hall and various expensive bars and restaurants surrounding it.

Museum Complex

There are various museums in Old Tallinn, but if you take a stroll outside of the Old Town, east to the Kadriorg area, you'll find a large museum complex.

I visited the Eesti art museum, which has thousands of pieces over seven floors. You'll also find the Mikkel museum, Peter the Greats House and the Kadriorg Art Museum.

There's also a beautiful park here which you can explore or chill in.

A little further to the east you'll find the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. An impressive venue for music concerts and other large events.

Telliskivi Creative City

To the west of the old city is this fairly new area filled with bars and restaurants. It was originally an industrial area which has been developed into a trendy place for the locals. You'll find street art and street food as you wander around this creative area. It's certainly a contrast to the old city, and worth checking out to see a different side of Tallinn.


This place has to have a mention. I've been to hundreds of restaurants throughout the world during my travels, but this place is without a doubt my favourite! It's mainly local cuisine, but the food was incredible! It's not overly price and the interior has a nice warm and cosy feeling. However by far the best thing about this place was the service. I don't think I've ever felt so welcome in a restaurant before. It was as if I was being greeted and served by old friends who could not do enough for me. They even drew pictures and wrote a kind message on the bill. If you're in Tallinn then I would highly recommend eating here.

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