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Thai Massage

If you're in Thailand, no matter which city then there's a good chance you'll see various places offering a Thai Massage.

I've been told many tales when it comes to Thai Massage parlours. There are some which offer more than just a massage, some include a happy ending, and sometimes even more!

I wasn't particular keen on receiving more than a massage so I arranged for one at the spa inside my hotel in Chiang Mai. It was quite pricey there compared to how cheaply I'd seen them advertised elsewhere, but at least I knew it would be a genuine Thai Massage.

I'm not really one to enjoy massages or spa type treatments, but I felt I should give it a go, "when in Rome".

I was taken into a small room and shown what I can only describe as a Kung Fu outfit. I had no idea how to put it on, so the masseur described the best as she could and then left me to it.

The very small masseur then proceeded with the massage. It was very new to me, and quite strange. It was as if she was trying out wrestling moves on me. Bending all my joints into various postures whilst giggling and telling me to relax. But it's hard to relax when there is some pain involved.

At one point she took out her mobile to show me photos of her recent vacation, all whilst still performing the massage on me.

It was a mixture of pain and also relief as she continued to bend my limbs and push all her weight onto me. I've heard some people say that the masseur will walk over your back, but I can't say she actually did that.

Afterwards it felt really good! Whether or not it's scientifically proven to be good for the joints, I certainly felt better for it.

I had a slight problem with my back after falling down some stairs drunk. But the Thai Massage seems to have fixed it.

I'd definitely recommend getting a Thai Massage, but if it's your first time, let them know and they shouldn't be too hard on you.

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