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Vaduz - Liechtenstein

Whilst visiting Switzerland, I felt that I had to take the time out to see the tiny neighbouring nation of Liechtenstein.

From Zurich I thought it would be quite simple to get there, but I still had to get two trains, and a bus to get to Liechtenstein itself, and then a second bus to the capital, Vaduz.

I’m sure there is lots to see in Liechtenstein, especially some of the hikes available in the mountains, of which I’ve seen many beautiful pictures on Instagram. But in Vaduz itself, I’ll be honest, there’s not a great deal to see, but nor did I expect there to be. If I’d stayed the night, then I’d have definitely ventured further out from the capital for some more rural adventures, but as my time was limited I spent my short time in Vaduz.

Would I say it was worth visiting? I think it was a beautiful little city, and I am happy I visited. I am still on a mission to tick off different countries from my list, and although this is frowned upon by many travellers, it’s still something I enjoy and will continue to do.

If you also enjoy ticking off countries or are curious about Liechtenstein, and don’t mind the faff of getting there (although an organised day tour may be easier), then I recommend visiting.

Vaduz Castle

The most popular attraction in Vaduz is of course Vaduz Castle. Not currently open to the public, and whether or not that will change anytime soon, it’s still viewable from the outside. Perched overlooking the small city, it’s easily visible from most parts of Vaduz.

You can also take a short hike up to the top of the hill to see the castle close up, which is a short and enjoyable hike that I certainly recommend. Once at the top there are some beautiful views of mountains, the capital and the various other small towns and cities of Liechtenstein.

St. Florin Cathedral

Located in the centre of Vaduz is St Florins Cathedral. Originally only having the status of a church, this changed in 1997 with the setting up of the Roman Catholic Archiocese of Vaduz.

There’s nothing particularly outstanding about this, but it’s still a nice building to pass by. For a change I actually took the time to have a peak inside, which I rarely do when it comes to cathedrals and churches.

Red House

A pretty and unique building which isn’t too far from Vaduz Castle. It’s essentially a red house with a tower adjoined to it. It belongs to the Rheinberger family, Egon Rheinberger being a famous artist from Lichtenstein.

There’s not a great deal else to say about the property, but it was a nice sight to see and some of the neighbouring houses are also very impressive grand buildings, I imagine with very wealthy residents.

Postal Museum

If you’re into postage stamps then this is the place to come! The Postal Museum in Vaduz.

The museum informs visitors on the history of the postal service in Liechtenstein, but the main points of interest for visitors are the displays of postage stamps from the country which date as far back as 1912.

Now, this type of museum isn’t my cup of tea, but as a unique souvenir from Lichtenstein, I stopped by the gift shop to purchase some vintage postage stamps. So I’d certainly advise this as a good place to pick up a unique souvenir, they are priced from quite reasonable prices to quite high, depending on the rarity of the stamps in question.

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