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Vatican City

The smallest country in the world. It wasn't quite what I expected, and in all honesty I found it to be a little disappointing. I know it's the smallest country in the world, but I expected there to be more to see.

I decided to visit during the afternoon the avoid the morning crowds, which was not such a good idea. It was packed full of tourists. Maybe it was worse in the morning, but in the afternoon it was totally rammed.

I was ushered into a museum with the crowds of tourists. It was so busy I couldn't even see the sides of the walls, it was like being on the London underground at rush hour. At least the ceilings were pretty, displaying beautiful artworks.

A museum is essentially all the Vatican was, a large museum with some beautiful art work and ornate furnishings. After being pushed through several rooms I eventually made it into the Sistine Chapel, which I wasn't actually aware of at first. It was only when I looked up at the ceiling and saw "The Creation of Adam", that I realised where I was.

After that I was lead outside to St Peter's Square, and that was it.

Now, the museum itself was beautiful if you don't take into account the crowds, and the square was slightly impressive, but I was expecting to be able to explore gardens and maybe a few other buildings.

I think that if I was religious, despite the lack of things to explore, I may have appreciated it more, but it wasn't really for me. However it's nice to have visited the smallest country in the world.

If you also want to check this country off your list, or would like to see some beautiful art then I would recommend it. If you're religious then I would also recommend visiting as you may get a lot more out of your visit than I did.

But compared to the other sights in and around Rome, I think that time is better spent on them. You can also get some beautiful photos of St. Peter's Basilica and St Peter's Square from staying in Rome and not venturing into Vatican City.

I'd also suggest hitting this major tourist destination when their are less tourists around. Being pushed and shoved through the museum was not the most comfortable of experiences. Plus we, the tourists, were constantly being told by staff not to stop and to keep moving, which meant there was little time to truly admire the items and decor inside.

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