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Vilnius - Lithuania

I didn't have the best time in Vilnius, but I think it was my own fault.

I visited Vilnius after a week long trip to various other places, and this was my last stop. I'd had a very late night in Riga the night before, in fact it was daylight before I tried to get a couple of hours sleep before my four hour coach journey left for Vilnius. I then had a nightmare when I realised I'd booked the wrong ticket and had to leave the coach several miles outside of the city centre. I was then left stranded in the middle of nowhere and had to walk with my luggage in the snow for a couple of hours before I finally reached the centre of Vilnius. Not a great start! I was only in Vilnius for the day, as my flight home was in the evening, so I only had a short time. I think my over tiredness, the freezing cold and not having time to speak with locals or get to know Vilnius well is what led to my negative feelings about the city. It's somewhere I should probably try again in the future.

So, what would I recommend in Vilnius?

What to see in Vilnius

Gediminas Castle Tower

The tower is all that remains of the upper castle of Vilnius. Personally I that this was the best thing I did in Vilnius. It's a small tower on top of a hill. After a small hike up the hill there are some great views of the city.

St. Anne's Church

An imposing Gothic church situated in the heart of Vilnius. Made primarily out of red bricks.

Vilnius Cathedral

Situated in a large square it's certainly not like your average cathedral. It looks more like a temple, which is because it was originally used as a pagan temple. The bell tower stands separate to the main

building, standing imposingly over it.

So, not the most informative of guides, but as always I'd always recommend a free walking tour. I myself really should consider returning to explore the city properly.

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