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Zagreb - Croatia

Croatia was one of the last stops on my Balkans adventure. My plan was to see a few places in Croatia, including Plitvice Lakes. Therefore I had to get a bus from Slovenia to Zagreb to get a connecting bus to the lakes.

I had several hours to kill in Zagreb, but not really enough to explore thoroughly, still I explored what I could.

I've often heard people state that although Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, there's not as much to see here compared to many other cities in the country. From my short visit it would appear this was the case, but it was certainly much cheaper for food and drink in Zagreb than the other parts of Croatia I visited.

It was a pleasant enough city to walk through, beautiful parks, colourful churches and some stunning street art. But if you're looking for spectacular sights, be it the usual touristy ones, or the lesser known beauty spots, Zagreb doesn't appear to offer this, at least not from my experience.

There were a few tourist spots, but as nice as they were, there wasn't anything truly spectacular compared to Split and Dubrovnik.

St. Mark’s Church

One of the cities most iconic and oldest buildings. What makes this church different is it's colourful tiled roof. The roof features the medieval coat of arms of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia on the left side, and the emblem of Zagreb on the right.

Above the entrance to the church is also a unique sight, with 15 carved sculptures sitting above the doorway.

During the summer months there's a guard-changing ceremony outside the church at midday every weekend.

Zagreb Cathedral

As cathedrals go, this one is quite impressive. The cathedral was damaged in 1880 during an earthquake, and parts of the former structure can be found on the ground outside the cathedral. Work has slowly been carried out to restore the cathedral to it's former beauty.

Unfortunately I believe there has been a minor setback, due to an earthquake in March 2020 dealing some more damage to the building.

Across from the entrance of the cathedral is "Monument of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary", an impressive column with golden statues of Mary and 4 angels representing virtue.


A touristy street filled with bars and restaurants. There are plenty of cuisines to choose from and it's very reasonably priced here. I ordered a large meal and a beer for around £5, which was so much cheaper than anywhere I ate whilst in Split or Dubrovnik.

Walking along this street you'll notice a small but pretty church, "St Mary Church", and some impressive street art on some of the buildings.

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